Domaine des Lauriers at Castelnau de Guers

The Domaine des Lauriers at Castelnau de Guers (Hérault)


The Domaine des Lauriers was established in 1969 with the purchase of our first vineyard plots. We had to be selective in our purchase of land to ensure we only acquired the best soils, so building the 45 hectares of vineyards currently making up the "DOMAINE DES LAURIERS" was a gradual process.


The vineyards developed on the richly and fragrantly scented Mediterranean garrigue are partly established on slopes of red soil covered with pebbles which store and release the heat of the sun to bring our dry white A.O.P. PICPOUL DE PINET wines to perfect maturity.
Our other marl hill slopes are dedicated to our mellow VINS DE PAYS D'OC CEPAGE ROLLE wines, ensuring plentiful moisture despite our dry Mediterranean summers.

The Mediterranean vineyard at Castelnau de Guers - Hérault – France

Grape varieties

The "Domaine des Lauriers" vineyard estate comprises 11 different varieties of grape. The main varieties we grow are Viognier, Piquepoul and Rolle for our white wines and Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Merlot and Syrah for our rosé and red wines.


The Domaine des Lauriers winery

The winery was built in the early 1900s to meet the needs of Mediterranean viticulture at that period. In 1995, following the purchase of the building by the "Domaine des Lauriers", extensive modernisation work was undertaken at the facility to deliver optimal hygiene standards during the wine-making process.
Major earthworks, embedding the eastern side of the building, were carried out to improve hydrometry and ensure a constant temperature. The work also meant that both press and vats were positioned on a lower level and the grape harvest could be gravity-fed, avoiding any need for transfer via pumps so that berries remain whole, enhancing quality and encouraging maceration.
The grape harvest is transported in all-stainless steel trailer containers fitted with large-diametre helical screws (40 cm), without pumps, to preserve optimum skin tissue integrity during transport. The containers are equipped with airtight covers to protect the grape harvest from oxidation; the grapes are processed in the winery within 45 minutes maximum of being picked so that only the finest quality wines are obtained..


The grapes are crushed in a gravity-fed all-stainless steel closed press.
Fermentation temperature control is achieved via a plate heat exchanger network and a 50,000 kcal refrigeration capacity cooling unit holding 100 hl. This means that settling and racking can be done at 8°C and tartaric acid precipitation at 3°C.. 

Vinification - Domaine des Lauriers at Castelnau de Guers

All phases of the vinification process are performed under inert gas.
We use top quality barrels made by famous Cognac-based cooperage SEGUIN MOREAU to vinify or barrel-age our white wines such as PICPOUL DE PINET or IGP Oc ROLLE and our SYRAH varietals.


Domaine des Lauriers - Cabrol
15, av. de Pézenas
Castelnau de Guers (34120) - FRANCE
Tel. +33 (0)6 07 59 32 14
GPS : 43.4381 / 3.4387